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Application to the State Bar of Michigan, submitted

Over the past month, I have been completing my application to the State Bar of Michigan for the July 2011 exam. Let’s just say that the process is a little tedious—compiling an accurate list of all residences since high school, determining periods of un/employment dating back almost as far, and obtaining criminal history and driving records from locales outside of Michigan.

One of my adventures in completing the application had to do with the State of New York. New York requires that all out-of-state criminal record lookups be done with ink (as opposed to digital fingerprinting). I contacted Public Safety at Wayne State University and asked to be fingerprinted. WSU does not have the equipment. I then contacted the Michigan State Police. The State Police have been digital for over four years and no longer had the equipment either. I then contacted my local police department and asked if it still had the ink pad equipment. Yes. The next day, I got fingerprinted and sent in the form to New York’s fingerprinting vendor. A few days later, I received an envelope in the mail that I hoped would be the results, but no, my fingerprints were too light and smudged. I went back to the local police station, handed it the letter, and was re-fingerprinted. Luckily, round two worked out well because I received a letter from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services indicating that I had no criminal record. That was the hope all along.

Let’s not get started with my record requests from the Province of Ontario.

Above, you will find a postcard I submitted with my completed application. The State Bar mails back the postcard when it receives your application. My writing is in blue. It seems that the State Bar has a good sense of humor when it comes to these applications, too.

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