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Submitting an asylum application

I am one of seven students in the law school’s Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic. (The law school also has disability, environmental law, and small business clinics.) The Clinic experience has been fantastic and I will describe it more in detail in a later post. I say this because it is 6:00 PM and I am currently  sitting in a conference room inside the clinic suite finalizing an asylum application. Since Monday, I have devoted over 24 hours to finalizing the application with my partners, clients, interpreters, and Clinic supervisor. And that does not include today’s hours, which are significant or the 300 hours that I’ve already devoted this semester to the Clinic.

I anticipate the application and supporting materials to be around 400 pages. Then we have to make eight additional copies of all of the materials. That’s a lot of paper, copying, collating, numbering, tabbing, and double-checking ahead of me and my team. But the reward will be asylum for our client(s), so it is definitely worth it.

Break is over. The team is calling. Back to the mattresses

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