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Signing up for classes

Today marks the last time that I will sign up for classes, ever.

So what will I be taking this winter?

  • Child, Family, State – Exploring the various aspects of children in the legal system, particularly the legal relationships between them, their parents, and the government. It will use education, medical care, children’s rights, legal parenthood, parental rights, adoption, and the juvenile justice process to explore these ideas.
  • Antitrust – Exploring governmental control of trade practices and industrial market structures that inhibit competitive processes, specifically focusing on monopolies, oligopolies, mergers, cartel practices, distribution arrangements, resale price control, franchising, patent licensing, foreign commerce and price discrimination under the Sherman, Clayton, Federal Trade Commission and Robinson-Patman Acts.
  • Family Law – Marriage, divorce, custody, alimony, property division, legitimacy, abuse, neglect, adoption, and more.
  • Regulation of Vice Seminar – A look at the regulation of smoking, alcohol, gambling, and more.
  • Pretrial Advocacy –  The course focuses on adversary strategy and practice skill, particularly through pleadings, interrogatories, requests for admission and document production requests.

Well, these are the classes for now. I may drop/add. Either way, I’m pretty excited about my choices. Plus, I’ll have my mornings open, which means I can return to legal aid.

What classes are you taking?

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