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The Other Day

My friend loves predicting The Day. He is not always so accurate, but he loves guessing anyway. Basically, The Day signals the end to the miserable 45° and rainy days of March and April. It also coincides and heralds the time when we Michiganders can feel comfortable wearing sandals or a t-shirt without fear of being too cold. I think some people call this day, Skirt Day. On college campuses, students lay out on grassy knolls. If you’ve lived in Michigan during March and April, you’re probably familiar with this day.

The reason I bring up The Day is that today marked The Other Day. The Other Day happens about six months later. On The Other Day, you know that there will be no more 70° and sunny afternoons for a few months (unless we have one of those crazy winters).

It’s easier to determine when The Other Day happens because you can smell it. Step outside during the evening, after the sun has set and the stars/moon have come up. The cool, crisp air, mingled with hints of smoke from a wood-burning fireplace, are the indicators. It’s an intoxicatingly clean, refreshing moment that makes me so happy and privileged to experience it. And this evening, when I stepped outside, I was overwhelmed by it. If you live here, I hope you were overwhelmed too.

If not, here is a beautiful picture of Michigan’s Jordan River Valley, from Lars Jensen, to make you happy.

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